California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Friday, February 28, 2014

So it begins....

Its weird starting this blog (good weird) I've imagined the time when I would have a mission call and would begin blogging....and now its here!!!! And I couldn't be happier!!!!!
Let me start my introducing myself...

I'm Jennifer! Soon to be Sister Gresham (waaaa) I love Smiling! Smiling's my favorite! (just like Buddy the Elf!) 
I think books are magic and music is medicine
Hugs are my favorite (it's a tie with smiling)
I eat too many lemon bars and thus have a permanent food baby (more like a "I really like food-baby")
I believe that fairy tales make us smarter :) 
and the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me super HAPPY! :D
I'm a theater student and full blown theater nerd, with big Broadway dreams. I Loooove the beach and wish I was always Summer! I grew up in a home with very little Religion. My dad comes from a LDS family, but few are still active members. I had nooooo interest in being Mormon and for a long time identified as an agnostic or atheist...depending on the week. In High School I went to a private school run by and mostly attended by LDS people, in time, after going to many activities, sacrament meetings and stake conferences, I realized that the Gospel is true and was baptized by one of my great friends (who is currently serving in the SLC west mission. Shout out Elder Stanford) on August 14 2010 :D

Fast forward three and a half years, past several trials of faith, overcoming fears and learning to trust in my Heavenly Father....
I received a big white envelope in the mail!!!!

 Pretty excited! lol.

 I have been called to serve in the WASHINGTON KENNEWICK MISSION!!!! Reporting to the Provo MTC on May 21 2014 :D

Through this blog I hope to connect with other future missionaries and learn from each other. 
I will have someone post my letter homes on here while I am serving in hopes that I might help future missionaries prepare and uplift all those who read them :)

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