California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sister Gresham in Richland - June 16 2014

This week has been a week of miracles!! Well, every week is but especially this week! haha
June 9th/Last P-day:
Me, Siss Pugh, Sis Peatross and Sis Mulllins went to Uptown and went to a bunch of antique store! Its so cute there and I felt like I was back in the 50's! SO FUN!
Then we went tracting and got TWO return appts. in a row! One didnt pan out so well but more on that later lol
We also have recent convert fam who thinks me and Sis Pugh should be their marriage counselors. Its sooo hard cuz we want to help them, but we are clearly not qualified for that lol

June 10:
We met with a less active, Frank and his nonmember (soon to be) wife, Angela and they are golden! she wants to get baptized really bad! They just need to get married first. She is soooo prepared! We were talking at one point about the FLDS people and how we do not do polygamy and she said "YEA! It was Joseph and Mary! Not Joseph and Mary and Karen and..." LOL I jsut about died! lol.

June 11
We were teaching our wonderful investigator Bay and she said something about her Jesus Sandals and I was like "whaaaa?" and she explained that one day she was wearing gladiators that looked just like some that Christ was wearing in a picture. Then Sis Pugh was all "we look at the picture and say that they were the same! Speak of the Devil" then there was awkward silence when she realized she just said "speak of the Devil" when talking about Jesus. She was soooooooo embarrassed! lol
 but it was fine and we taught an awesome lesson and Bay decided to get BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Wednesday!!! SO THIS WEDNESDAY!!! BAHHH!!! MIRACLE!!!!! <3 She is sooooo ready and prepared!! :D
She loveeees to pray and read the scriptures!!!! She married a menanite guy and has a really interesting past. She has 2 adorable kids and we just love them!!! :D

After, we were on cloud 9 and went to go dinner, which was insane. It wasnt ready, kids were screaming everywhere the mom was in pain, so we ended up cooking dinner, which was fine, but halfway thru, me and Sis Pugh are alone in the kitchen, dont know were anyone went and were like "ummm....soooo....should we eat?" LOL then people reappeared and I spent a while comforting one of their daughters who was crying. It was sad, but nice to know that we could be there to comfort them and share a message <3
after that we went to go to our return appt from tracting, the guy wasnt there but his wife was,a nd she screamed at us and slammed the door. I almost cried, it was hard. Like its hard feeling rejected and like people hate you, but its also sooo sad to see people with such hard hearts. JUST LET US LOVE YOU!!!! LOL
But then we got to go to that one member family and help them thry some hard stuff. I spent most the time with the kids teaching them that they can pray by themselves everyday and about how we need to help each other. One of the daughters is autistic and I think, truly an Angel and huge blessing to ther Family. They are stuggling a lot financially and with the moms oldest kids being with their dad and lots of hard stuff, so the kids are acting out a lot, but that sweet girl is always a good example :D

June 12
we met with a young mother, she wants to keep meeting w/ us but her husband doesnt want her too, and she just crashed her car while high on shrooms then tried to hit and run and has to go to court. so its a sticky situation. Lots of people keep saying we should drop her, including my comp, but I just cant, she wants to change, she realized she messed up and is trying to be better, especially for her 3 yr old daughter. We just cant abandon them. The Gospel is a message of hope and progression! The Atonement heals and changes heart. Please pray for them <3

June 13
So since I've been in the field my sleeping has gone all sorts of whack. I like half walk up and lay in bed thinking I'm in a lesson pretty much every night. This particular night, I slept walk to Sis Pughs closest and tried to do an OYM (open your mouth/door contact) LOL she said I ended up walking in the closet and said "Do you think shes in here?" LOL AH SO WEIRD!!! then she said, and I kinda remember this, I went to my bed and said "I think I'm hallucinating" LOL ahhh. Thats how you know my mind is really on the work!
June 14
Zone meeting! It was awesome! I recieved a lot of answers and strength! Also, my District leader is named Elder Tubbs (LOL, makes me think of a fat kid running) and he looks like Adam Levine. Someone please tell Raquel, Nayannah & Cristina! But it was sooo great! It was reminded that I'm here for a purpose, and that I have a responsibility to the Lord for those in my area and that He knows His children best. We are taught to give a soft baptismal invitiation on the first lesson ("when you come to know these things will you...") and that scares me sooo much! They also want new missionaries to do it asap! and I was freaking out cuz I was supposed to do that later that day with our other return appt. I was freaking out!  But I was reminded that its an act of faith and we are blessed when we act in faith, adn that really if thats what Hes asked us to do, its for a purpose.
So we went for His lesson, his name is Philip. Super nice guy, hes catholic and a wildlife biologist and just really wants to be a good person. We went thru the first lesson and it was good, the spirit was there but I was still nervous and kept praying in my head, then, the moment of truth, I said it and he accepted!!!! WHAAAAA!!!!! :D It was amazing!!!!!! Even if he had said no tho, I know that it still would have been good, cuz God knows best :D

Yesterday, June 15
Church! Bay, Angela and Frank all came to church! YAY! Then Bay passed her baptismal interview and I jumped on her in excitement! lol and Sis Pugh accidently hit a kid with her watch! LOL she was fine haha
then after dinner qot 22 OYMs!!!! The average is 10! We set a goal for 15, all said no, until the 15th guy! Miracle! Also, it was raining, so that was cool. haha

All is well here in Richland! So many miracles!!! I love being a missionary! Feeling God use me as a tool to help His children is the best feeling ever! This is the most important work there is and I feel so blessed to be a part of it! To witness the miracles and how the Atonement changes people! Go out there and do your part! Smile, compliment people, try to do 5 small (or big) acts of service every day! I promise it will change and improve your life. Members, PLEASE fellowship people!! Its soooooo essential! Always introduce yourself to people, ask the missionaries how you can help them. I promise they need it. This is a team effort.
Everyone go read Mosiah 14:5. Everyone should know that and reap the blessings. Christ atoned for EVERYONE!. It is our job to help them know that.

until next week!

Sister Gresham

ps. everyone keeps asking what I want for my bday, well no one feel like they need to get me anytihng, but if your feeling generous, Church talks! and if your feeling another kind of generous, Walmart gift cards! ahh I'm almost 21!

Me and the Sisters in my Zone at Dennys. Sister Camplese (also a convert from CA!) Sister Pugh, my comp, yours truly, Sister Peatross, Sister Mullins (the one mitch knows) and Sister Toomer :D

First email from the mission field - June 9 2014

So, I'm in the field!!!! BAH! I have sooo much to say! lol
so last friday we had infield orientation in the MTC and one of the teachers is Elder Christiansen from The District! I was star stuck! LOL
We left the MTC on tuesday, as we were walking to the travel office with out suitcases to other missionaries were all congratulating us on getting out! LOL like we were in jail or something! haha it was funny. I love the mtc but it was nice to see the outside world again. they took us on a mus to a train, then from the train we got on a bart thing to the airport, it was insane with all our suitcases. but we felt like celebrities walking around SLC with our badges! haha
Then we got on the tiniest plane ever and i was freaking out on the inside lol, when we got there we met President & Sister Ware then went to the mission home from dinner and a devotional. The sisters got to sleep there and then wqe had interviews with Pres. I LOVE HIM!!! He is sooooo stinking sweet and gave me some unusual council to not work too hard...hahaha he said he doesnt say that much be he can feel how much I care and doesnt want me to get too worn out lol. He does this cute thing were he lifts his shoulder and does an old man giggle lol i love it.
the next day we had training, it was great! then him and the assistants went and made our assignments. It felt like waiting for my mission call over again!! lol
I'm assigned in the Richland Zone, Columbia Ward with my trainer Sister Pugh.. It a walking area which makes my feet angry lol but I'm pushing thru and often recite the saying "Father proceeds miracles" when i'm having a hard time. Faith is trusting in him and acting, so I'm working hard to see the miracles that I know will come. She also has a hurt knee, so we are quite the pair! haha
Our area is very poor, with a few exceptions, and everyone, i mean everyone has custody drama, legal issues and/or drug issues. Its intense and hard to see. I have lots of work to do! I love the people so much!
The houses here are call "A" and "B" houses and they were built during WWII while they were doing all that nuclear stuff over here and everything looks really old. I often feel like I've transported back to the 40's/50's until ya know. I see the meth heads and what not. Kinda kills it. lol.
On my second day I was having a really hard time and feel pretty trunky, but while we were doing our planning before bed 2 sisters from the ward brought us gift baskets! so sweet and helped so much! A little tender mercy!
We also had a super cool training with our area 70 and the 2nd counselor in the YM's General Presidency about real intent and going forward in faith
There is a couple in our Ward, an RM Sister and her new membr husband....they are interesting and sister pugh was telling me about the,...heres all you really need to know
Sis. P: "So yea...they met on
so yeahh LOL
Next door to us are a cute member family, the Craigos, they are 30ish and have a 2 yr old son and I love them soooo much!!!! They always drop stuff of for us and are just sooo sweet! and sister craigo gave me some reeeeally good arch support shoes! love them
Yesterday at church we had 2 investigators who were supposed to come, one came with ehr mom after months of saying they would. The mom is an inactive member who stopped going after her bishop some unhelpful things to her after her daughter was murdered in mexico 12 yrs ago. But she came! She felt the spirit really strong. She ended us needing to leave in the middle of sacrament. we went and found her and she was sobbing. It was so sad. That wound is still gapping and she kept saying how she has demons in her and it was terrible. I just felt so overwhelmed with love for her and testified how prayer will help her. I know that thru the Atonement despair can turn to hope. She left feeling better and said she'll come next week. we are also teaching Bay(Gabby, switched at birth!) she wants to get baptized but is having trouble being consistent and we think she might have some word of wisdom issues.
Please pray for both of them! and my feet!

So being a convert missionary makes everyone love you, like way more, haha its funny. The members do not believe in fellowshipping, like no joke, only 5 people in the ward do. So I've been testifying a lot about member missionary work and how I was converted thru members, not the full time missionaries. I think a big thing I need to do here is help the members with that. The ward is struggling a lot. With people and their many issues but also with incorrect teachings and lots of stuff. Bah! Its a lot but I'm happy to be here!
I pray that I can always be guided by the spirit and do the things Heavenly Father wants me to do.
His work really is hastening! go out and serve! love your friends and family. AND strangers! Smile often. Say kind words. Be patient with people, for everyone is fighting a battle, look with your heart
"Christ-like love can change the world" - Elder Holland
I love being a missionary! I love feeling the spirit testify thru me and seeing the change come to people as they feel it and understand. I know that faith proceeds miracles. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love everyone and that we are all truly sons and daughters of God, and brothers and sisters. I feel so much love for the people here in the Columbia Ward. Its super hot, my feet/ankles are killing me, but I keep going forward because the Gospel matters, people need it, they need to know that God loves them and that the Atonement is real.
I love you all!!!! Thanks for your prayers, love and support!!! Keep writing!!! Preferably more on
and thru regular mail. But emails are great too! But Its hard reading thru 45 emails every week! haha

-Sister Gresham

First Email from the MTC - June 3 2014

I'm here at the MTC and its GREAT! I love it! I ave sooo much to say and not enouhgt time! bahhh! So i kinda freaked out the night before but It all worked out! Getting dropped off wasnt too hard, seeing Britt made me cry even more! but happy tears! haha :D
getting my name tag on was such an amaaaazing feeling!!
My comps are Sister Allred & Sister Marcom! I love them!! Go stalk them on my fb! we become friends before we came here! lol when me and sis A saw each other we freaked out and hugged! haha.
Day 1 we had an orientation and we sang "Amry of Helaman" but sang "We are now the lords missionaries" and just sobbed! it was amazing! haha and one of the ladies who talked said how we cant call each other "guys" cuz "guys are the people at home dating your girlfriends!" LOL scanzieees! but then she said that they'll marry the return missionary tho! haha

Thank you stanfords and kingdons for the packages!! I loved them!!! <3
we did this on investigator exercie on the first day and they played this vid that had a swear word and all of us gasped awkwardly! lol
Everyone go watch the mormon message "Lifting Burdens" its soooo good <3
I love my teachers! Bro. Mills & Sis. Howell! She served w/ Becky Rohner at Temple Square & he knows all the Rohners and his sis was one of Beckys bridesmaids! haha small world! I LOVE THEM! and my other teacher Bro. Weekes looks like the guy in Forever strond and plays the new cop guy on PLL (ya know, the one hanna kissed) yeahh haha so thats weird.

on of the Elders in my district is mix of Paki Porter and Bro. Gustafson! haha like, for real!
On the 3rd day we did role playing lessons and the teacher said my and my comps did some of the best teaching hes ever seen in the MTC! umm whaaaa? haha it was nice but really, I know im not the real teacher, the spirit is, i just have to study, have faith, open my mouth and trust Him <3
Elder Cordon, in my district told me a story about an elder i chile who kept getting robbed so he made home made numchucks! hahaha
Also, I'm writing mormon versions to frozen songs, currently working on "Love is an open door" ya know, like the empty door...hehe and "we dont have to feel it anymore" Like the sting of death! haha...its still a work in process lol
we have this alarm thing that goes off to tell us lights out and it sounds like the noise in the Hunger Games when its yea, kinda weird. I kinda freak out everytime haha
on Sunday we had Relief Society and the spoken word and it was AMAZING!!! it was about sacrafice, focusing on our soldiers. I was feeling the spirit reeeally strong wheh they showed a pic of the pearl harbor memorial while play "God be with you til we meet again" and it made me think of my Grandpa Ray, and i was just sooo overwhelmed by the feeling that he and my grandma Deon love me and are happy with my choice to serve and spirit testified to my heart that I will indeed see them again <3 it was such a special moment. I am grateful for Christ ultimate sacrafice that made that possible <3
We also had  devotional that was awesome!!!
We sang "True to the faith" and i felt sooo overwhelmed by the feeling of love for my future children and that I want them to know that I do cherish this Gospel!! I know that Heavenly Father is refining me to be a better Wife and Mother some day <3 I love my kids already!! <3
on Tuesday we played vball for gym and i dominated, to everyones surprise hahaha it was awesome! THEN we had a devotional with....

i'm building anticipation.....

can you feel it??

ELDER NELSON!!! Yes, the apostle!!!!! BAH! it was amazing!! and we were 5th row center!! The moment he walked in the spirit became 20 times stronger and i just started to cry!! Then we sang "Called to serve" and it was so emotional, singing that song, with an Apostle of the Lord as a full-time missionary and representative of Jesus Christ and thye church was soooooo incredible and powerful <3
he taught sooo many amazing things that cant all fit but heres a few faves.
"repentance is conversion, and conversion is repentance"
"have character, dont be one"
and my fav "missionaries turn hurt to hope" <3<3<3<3

I cant believe ive been here a week! it feels sooo much longer but I LOVE IT!!! the spirit is sooo strong here and my testimony has like tripled since I've been here!! and i still have like 74 weeks to go! yay! I'm gonna be soo much cooler when I come home!! lol jk, kinda...haha

Me and Sis Allred realized something the other day...
"the spirit is so strong and drains us, thats why we need to eat...all the time"

I love it here sooooooooooooo much!!!!!
here are some of my fave scriptures right now, go read them!!
Alma 7:11-12
Jeremiah 31:3
2 Nephi 2:2
1 Nephi 1:15
Proverbs 31:9
I know that Christ lives and that he atoned for us! I know that he is carrying the burdens of homesickness and sadness for me and is helping me thru this. I can feel Him constant;y guiding me. I see miracles and tender mercies EVERY DAY! <3
The Book of Mormon is TRUE and WILL change your life if you read it with an open mind and a prayer in your heart. 
I am sooo grateful for this time that I have to be a fulll time missionary and wear His name over my my heart everyday <3
I leave for WA on tuesday!!!
I love you all!!! Be strong! Pray every day! It will change your life! Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you all! I KNOW it <3
and I love you too! Please send more handwritten/mailed letters <3
but remember i leave tuesday for WA haha

-Sister Gresham

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Receiving an Honorable Medical Release from my mission.

For me going on a mission was kind of like a big trust fall. I didn't know where I was going, who I was going to meet, the trials I would face, but, what I did know, was that I had a desire to serve others, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wanted me to serve and that they would be with me every step of the way. When I got my call, I knew that was where I was supposed to go.

Before going to the MTC I was soo nervous about saying goodbye to everyone and was sure I would have the worse case of homesickness ever experienced in all of history. But I kept looking to the Lord, reminding myself that he would bind up broken hearts. When I got to the the MTC I was so happy and excited! And homesickeness? Barely any. I realized, I had taken that fall, and the Lord caught me and was carrying my burdens for me. The MTC was one of the greatest experiences of my life and strengthened my testimony so much.

When I went out to the field, I was soooo excited! I was ready to work hard and see miracles! When I found out I was going to be serving in a walking area, I was a little worried about my feet (having had problems with them before) but trusted in the Lord and knew that was where I needed to go. It was a difficult adjustment for a few days, but I remembered why I was there and often repeated to myself "faith precedes miracles." I kept working hard  and indeed saw many miracles. It didn't take long for me to notice though that my body was not keeping up with my heart and mind. Only a few days out and I was experiencing a lot of pain in my feet, ankles and knees. I told myself it was fine. I said "Satan is just trying to weaken me, trying to keep me from working as hard as I can" or "I'm just being melodramatic and need to suck it up"

My companion was not having it. She was worried about both me and the work suffering if it gets worse, so I called my Mission Presidents wife and told her what was happening. She said if thats the case, I might need to go home, that was definitely not what I wanted to hear, I decided then that, yes, I really needed to just suck it up and deal with it, because I wanted to be there and knew that Heavenly Father wanted me to be there. I refused to let anything keep me from being a full time representative of Jesus Christ. Over time, my love for the work, the people, the ward and my companion deepened, as did the pain. I was constantly fighting within myself, wanting to work soooo badly but hating having to be in pain, but I kept pushing through and never stopped working, loving each and every day, regardless of the pain. I loved being a missionary. Seeing miracles, helping people, learning and growing so much everyday and having the spirit so abundantly was amazing.  One day, the pain became too much to bare, with my feet feeling like they were broken, stabbing in my knees and hips, and shooting pain up both my legs and back. I tried, unsuccessfully to bite back tears during the 20 minute walk home. When we arrived I fell onto the floor, hoping and praying that the pain would cease. I pleaded with my Heavenly Father to grant me the strength and healing my body needed so I could carry out the work and be the most effective instrument in His hands for the people he had called me to serve and that I love so much. This day also happened to be my birthday, so we had many people coming in and out of our apartment delivering various treats. People were very concerned about me and were all trying to help. Our wonderful neighbor asked her father to give me a blessing. It was beautiful and meant so much to me. I instantly felt the pain lighten and had peace in my heart because the words he said and through the comfort of the Spirit. I knew that all would be well and that I just needed to continue to trust in the Lord. I hoped that I would be transferred to an area with a car and felt confident that everything was going to work out and that I would continue my mission.
The next morning me and my companion agreed that I should call the Presidents wife and fill her in on what happened. She was very worried and said she would speak to President. As we continued our studies, we got a call from President. He told me that he had spoken to the missionary department, the missionary medical people and my Stake President and they all felt that I needed to go home, to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. I was devastated, I felt like I had been hit in the stomach by a semi. I didn't know what to say or think, besides not wanting to go home. We hung up so we could go to an appointment. After, he called again, to ask me how I was doing and to fill me in on what was being discussed. All I could muster to say was that I was broken hearted and didn't want to leave...but that wasn't an option. A few hours later, while I was trying my best to process and telling myself that it was happening for a reason and that I just needed to have faith, I received my flight info for the next evening. It was real. It was really happening. I was going home. I imagined myself at home, far from the people we were teaching, without the missionary nametag, without the calling and blessings. I saw myself trying to live without my purpose, trying to be "normal" again and later having to go through the pain of saying goodbye to everyone again (as I have been invited to go back when I am healed). I felt sick. We went around saying goodbye to as many people as we could, it felt like I was leaving home all over again, saying goodbye to the people I had developed so much love for.
While packing I made a mental "Positives lists," a list of all the good things that will happen and that I'll get to do when I go home, like "get better" and "be there when my best friend goes to the temple" and "be able to teach my friends and family with more power." I knew there was a reason I was going home and was determined to find it. I also decided that, either way, I am going home, so I should make the best out of it and trust Gods plan for me.

When I got home, everything felt different. It was my house, it smelt the same, most of the furniture was the same, I knew where everything was, but it was different. I was different. I loved it there but so desperately wanted to be calling my missionary apartment home. I didn't know how to talk to people, I only wanted to talk about my mission, like if I kept talking about it, maybe it wouldn't be so far away.

When I was released, things changed. I literally felt something leave me when I took my tag off. I spent days reaching for it and looking for my companion. Once the shock wore off and I really accepted that I was home, I tried looking even more for the good. Since then, I have seen over and over again, that Gods plan, is always the best plan. Since I was young, I've been a planner, I try to plan everything out the way I think will be the best, going home from my mission was not in my plan, but God needs me to be home. I need to be home right now.

I have seen, as I have strive to look for Gods Hand and trust in His perfect plan, many blessings and opportunities to serve that I wouldn't have had if I was gone. I have learned about many health issues I didn't know I had and have been able to receive treatment that without, and had I stayed, would have caused permanent damage. I have seen and felt Him teaching me priceless and immensely personal lessons that will bless me and my future family forever. But I think biggest of all, preparing to go on my mission, being on it and coming home has taught me to fully trust in the Lord. Not to just trust Him when I like the plan, or when I can see the benefits, but to trust Him and surrender to Him in all conditions and situations. I know without a doubt in my mind that God loves us and is mindful of us and our needs. When we seek Him we will be guided, strengthened, taught, empowered and feel His infinite love, no matter the circumstances.

I loved the time, though brief, that I was "Sister." My mission was amazing. Serving others is a gift. Working with God to bless His children is a sacred and priceless honor and blessing. I have really learned for myself the truthfulness of the sayings, "to love another person is to see the face of God," and “There are few things in life that bring as much joy as the joy that comes from assisting another improve his or her life.” I still wear the nametag in my heart and cannot wait to get back in the field, if that is His will, but I know that no matter what, as long as I trust in Him, all will be well.

-Sister Gresham

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Temple is the House of God

On Tuesday the 22nd and had the amazing blessing to be able to go to the Temple to receive my endowments and wow!! So amazing!!! I know that the Temple really is the House of God! I felt the spirit soooooooooooooo strong! Stronger than I ever have! From the moment I walked in I felt it! But especially during the Initiatory, my heart was truly full! I felt so much love and like my sins really have been forgiven! And the promises made they are sooo incredibly beautiful <3 The Endowment was so cool and spiritual! It also reminded me of how important it is to prepare our MINDS in addition to our spirits to help us understand. Of course, we won't understand it all at first, but good preparation and study will help so much! But really, preparing our hearts and spirits is the most important part. Then, the Celestial Room <3 It really is a piece of Heaven on Earth and where the spirit of the Lord dwells sooo powerfully! I never wanted to leave! I was reminded that my dad (a very inactive member) was at the Visitor Center waiting, but I couldn't leave, plus some time in the VC is good for him. Haha. But really, everyone who reads this, please do all that is necessary to prepare yourselves to go to the Temple to make those amazing covenants with our Father. I promise that if you are worthy and ready that you will have more strength, peace and joy! <3

Teaching the Gospel to help others, and ourselves as well, prepare to recieve the blessings of the Temple

I was asked a few days ago to give a talk in the YSA ward (I go to a family ward) and this is it! There are a lot of parts with with just key points to allow room for the spirit and lots of potentially confusing notes, but I hope you enjoy it :)
ps. Don't be scandalous and steal this for your own talk! lol.

President Boyd K. Packer taught us that “all of us—leaders, teachers, missionaries, and parents—have a lifelong challenge from the Lord to both teach and learn the doctrines of the gospel as they have been revealed to us.”
-we are so blessed
-It is our duty and privilege as members of the church to teach the Gospel
-to helps others, knowledge, joy, peace from the plan/atonement, HG, relationship w/ Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and we need to help them to progress in making/keeping covenants

I would like to share a story with you that President Boyd K Packer shared in Conference many years ago
He starts by telling us about a big ward party held at a nice park on a beautiful sunny day, and there was delicious food every where. Everyone had truly outdone themselves, and they had a big, wonderful feast awaiting them. Before blessing the food, they are interrupted by the noise of a very loud car, clearly not in good shape, as it jerks into the parking lot. They decide to hold off on the prayer until in became quite again, but soon an obviously distraught mother and her children, who are in dirty, ragged clothing exit the car and go to a nearby picnic table. The children are visibly hungry and excited for mealtime, the mother lays out few leftovers, moving them around in an attempt to make it seem like there is more, but their is simply not enough food for her to feed her children. The ward members watch on, still waiting to pray, when they notice the children admiring the huge feast they had, saying things like "yum, look at that! I wonder what that tastes like"
President Packer then asks us what we would do, if we were one of those ward members.
Would we insist that the mother quite them down, then ignore them, and stuff down our feast while the hungry children looked on? he didn't think so
would we take a little of this and a little bit of that and lure them back to their own table to avoid further interruption?
OR, would we invite them to join us, let them enjoy this feast with us, help fix their car and send them home with more food?
President Packer tells us, "Surely it is what you should do. But forgive me if I have a little doubt; let me explain.
We, as members of the Church, have the fullness of the gospel. Every conceivable manner of spiritual nourishment is ours. Every part of the spiritual menu is included. It provides an unending supply of spiritual strength. Like the widow’s cruse of oil, it is replenished as we use it and shall never fail. (See 1 Kgs. 17:8–16.)
And yet, there are people across the world and about us—our neighbors, our friends, some in our own families—who, spiritually speaking, are undernourished. Some of them are starving to death!
If we keep all this to ourselves, it is not unlike feasting before those who are hungry.
We are to go out to them, and to invite them to join us. We are to be missionaries."

we have the message everyone needs, we have the ordinances of Salvation. We can't keep it to ourselves
We need to remember that "...the worth of souls is great in the sight of God;"
as they should be to us!
We need to open our mouths, share the truths that we know, and in our missionary work and all the teaching we do in the church, The Temple should be the goal
Elder Nelson said "The temple is the house of the Lord. The basis for every temple ordinance and covenant—the heart of the plan of salvation—is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every activity, every lesson, all we do in the Church, point to the Lord and His holy house. Our efforts to proclaim the gospel, perfect the Saints, and redeem the dead all lead to the temple.
they all lead to the temple! the Lord desires for all his children to receive the gospel and make sacred covenants with Him in his Holy Temples! Like the Lord taught in Luke 22, we need to remember
"when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."  I have some friends that are an amazing example of this
once upon a time I was not a member of this church, no religion in home, made friends, who love and taught me, join church, now I have a mission call, went to the Temple on Tuesday. Because of this I am blessed, so is my family, all those I will teach on the mission, then who they teach, my future children and grandchildren and those they teach. It is a amazing domino effect, that started just because a few people befriended me, I was able to see their light and was drawn to it, and they went on to share with me, saw me not just as I was, but also for who I could become, and kept the temple in mind as a goal for me.
Gordon B. Hinckley said "I make you a promise that if you will go to the house of the Lord, you will be blessed; life will be better for you."
I know that is true, my life really is better and more full of joy because of my temple attendance and I want to share those blessings so bad with those who don't
We should all  strive to do everything that we can do to prepare and worthy to enter the temple and make sacred covenants, or continue to honor those covenants and attend regularly, for there lies some of the greatest blessings Heavenly Father has for us and then when we teach others, whether is be an investigator, inactive member or faithful member, the Temple should always be in our mind, we may not always verbalize it, but like Elder Nelson taught, all that we do and teach should point to the Lord and his temples.
In Doctrine and covenants 97:16, the lord tells us, speaking about the Temple...
"Yea, and my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God."
what a beautiful promise,  one that we should desire not only for ourselves but for all of Gods children, as he does.
**testimony about the temple** the spirit is stronger, more fully feel their love and feel closer to then, receive stronger answers, feel happier,

Because of this James E. Faust has urged us all "who have not yet received these greatest of all blessings within the walls of the temple to do whatever may be necessary to qualify to receive them."
we need to to whatever is necessary to receive the blessings of the temple and after we've made them, need to keep them, and then we will receive those blessings that come from being faithful and true, then we need to testify of those blessing and be a tool in the Lords hands help prepare our brothers and sisters, come unto Him so they can one day enter the temple
and I know that as we seek to do so with the Lords guidance, continually strengthening our testimonies and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost, miracles really will happen and we will be guided to those who are prepared
we need to remember the Lords council in...
D&C 11:21  "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men."
in order for us to be truly effective we must first gain our own testimonies, but more than that, we must be truly converted, or striving to be, as that can be a lifelong process.  but as we TRUST in him, seek His word, strive to know Him and be close to Him, we will be blessed, so much, greater peace, light and knowledge, and our tongues will be loosed and we will be powerful in helping others find the truth and make sacred and beautiful covenants with the Lord in his Holy Temples. And in doing so will help them to find peace and guidance, and like Gary E Stevenson they and us, can come to know that...
"You are never lost when you can see the temple. The temple will provide direction for you and your family in a world filled with chaos. It is an eternal guidepost which will help you from getting lost in the 'mist of darkness."
I know that is true, that the Temple is a beacon of light to the hold World, and is a guide to us in this life to make better decisions and to help lead us back to the Presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
there are few things in life that bring as much happiness as the joy that comes from helping others improve their lives,
In Les Mis at the End, they sing, as valjean dies, having turned his life around after getting help from the Bishop, and filled his life with service... "To love another person is to see the face of God"
I know this is true,
I know the field truly is white, and ready for harvest, we just need to be available and trust in the Lord

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sister Missionary Fashion Musts!

General Guidlines for Sisters :)

Great sites for Missionary appropriate clothes!

Follow LDS Fashion blogs for inspirtation!

I think a key to mission shopping is finding things that go with everything and maximizing ways to wear your accessories :) 

Learn how to tie scarves!!

Learn how to tie head scarves too!! Maximize you scaves!!

Wear It As A Bracelet: Use smaller/thinner scarves as bracelets!

Wear It As A Belt: By using a scarf belt, you can totally change the look of your outfit.

Wear It On Your Head:  This chic look is currently trending with fashionistas all over the globe.
How to tie a bunch of different head scarves:

Detachable Collars!! Why don't more people think about this?? It can totally change an outfit!

Reversible Skirts!!!
Seriously! Two skirts in one? YES PLEASE!!
Beware...some a hideous, but if you do some digging, you are sure to find some cute ones! :D

These sites has some cute ones!!

Learn to tie belts! :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Uplifting scriptures and quotes about Missionary work.
  1. …you are called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying on of hands to preach the Gospel… (Articles of Faith 1:5)
  2. You are “commissioned of Jesus Christ” (D&C 20:73).
  3. Christ is “the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world…” (D&C 93:2)
  4. The Priesthood is like a spiritual power of attorney given by God to mortals. With this power a man can teach with authority, heal the sick, perform miracles, administer the saving ordinances, and regulate the affairs of the Church, just as the Savior would do if he were present. In a sense, the priesthood is the power to think God’ thoughts, to speak his words, and to be his hands.” –Elder Tad R. Callister
  5. So literal is the power to think his thoughts that the Savior said, “Speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before me” (D&C 100:5).
  6. So literal is the power to speak his words that the Lord said, “What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, …whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” (D&C 1:38).
  7. The Savior prophesied that his disciples would bear testimony before governors and kings, and then informed them that, “It is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your Father which speaketh in you” (Matt 10:12).
  8. And it came to pass that Nephi and Lehi did preach unto the Lamanites with such great power and authority, for they had power and authority given unto them that they might speak, and they also had what they should speak given unto them.” (Hel. 5:18)
  9. So literal is the power of God’s hands that when Edward Partridge was called to be a missionary, the Lord said regarding his setting apart, “And I will lay my hand upon you by the hand of my servant Sidney Rigdon.” (D&C 36:2)
  10. On one occasion, Nephi spoke with such commanding force that the disbelievers “were angry with him, even because he had greater power than they, for it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words.” (3 Ne. 33:1)
  11. Men who held the priesthood taught the gospel truths with a persuasive and piercing power that “carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.” (2 Ne. 33:11)
  12. “And we ask thee, Holy Father, that they servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angels have charge over them; And from this place they may bear exceedingly great and glorious tidings, in truth, unto the ends of the earth, that they may know that this is thy work, and that thou hast put forth thy hand, to fulfill that which thou hast spoken by the mouths of the prophets, concerning the last days.” (D&C 109:22-23)

    Promises God offers those who share the Gospel

  13. None shall stay you (D&C 1:5)
  14. You shall receive strength such as is not known among men (D&C 24:12)
  15. He Himself will go with you and be in your midst. Nothing shall prevail against you (D&C 32:3)
  16. Power shall rest upon you. He will be with you and go before your face (D&C 39:12)
  17. Your enemies will not have power over you (D&C 44:5)
  18. The Lord will stand by you (D&C 68:6)
  19. No weapon formed against you shall prosper (D&C 71:9)
  20. He will uphold you (D&C 93:51)
  21. The gates of hell shall not prevail against you (D&C 17:8)
  22. You shall have power to declare His word (D&C 99:2)
  23. Your tongue shall be loosed, and you will have the power of God unto the convincing of men (D&C 11:21)
  24. Your mouth shall be filled and you shall become even as Nephi of old (D&C 33:8)
  25. You will not be confounded. It shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man (D&C 84:85, 100:5)
  26. Your words shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, and shall be the voice of the Lord and the power of God unto salvation (D&C 68:4)
  27. Your arm will be God’s arm. He will be your shield and buckler; He will gird up your loins and put your enemies under your feet (D&C 35:14)
  28. You shall stand blameless before God (D&C 4:2)
  29. You shall be lifted up at the last day (D&C 17:8)
  30. You will be given a testimony of the words of the prophets (D&C 21:9)
  31. You shall have revelations (D&C 28:8)
  32. You shall be forgiven (D&C 31:5, 36:1, 60:7, 62:3, 84:61)
  33. You shall have great faith (D&C 39:12)
  34. You will be able to keep God’s laws (D&C 44:5)

    Blessings that pertain to happiness, health, and prosperity

  35. You shall have blessings greater than the treasure of earth (D&C 19:37-38)
  36. He will take care of your flocks (D&C 88:72)
  37. Your back shall be laden with sheaves (D&C 31:5, 33:9)
  38. You shall not be weary in mind, body, limb, or joint, and you shall not go hungry or thirsty. A hair from your head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed (D&C 84:80, 116)
  39. Your joy shall be great (D&C 18:14-15)

    Promises to Fill Us and Our Work with the Holy Ghost

  40. He will send upon you the Comforter, which shall teach you the truth and the way whither you shall go (D&C 79:2)
  41. The Holy Ghost shall be shed forth in bearing record of all things, whatsoever ye shall say (D&C 100:8)
  42. He will go before your face. He will be on your right hand and on your left; His Spirit shall be in your hearts, and His angels round about you, to bear you up (D&C 84:88)
  43. He will bear you up as on eagles’ wings; and you shall beget glory and honor to yourself and unto the Lord’s name (D&C 124:18)
  44. He will make you holy (D&C 60:7)
  45. If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the mysteries and peaceable things – that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal (D&C 42:61)