California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sister Gresham in Richland - June 16 2014

This week has been a week of miracles!! Well, every week is but especially this week! haha
June 9th/Last P-day:
Me, Siss Pugh, Sis Peatross and Sis Mulllins went to Uptown and went to a bunch of antique store! Its so cute there and I felt like I was back in the 50's! SO FUN!
Then we went tracting and got TWO return appts. in a row! One didnt pan out so well but more on that later lol
We also have recent convert fam who thinks me and Sis Pugh should be their marriage counselors. Its sooo hard cuz we want to help them, but we are clearly not qualified for that lol

June 10:
We met with a less active, Frank and his nonmember (soon to be) wife, Angela and they are golden! she wants to get baptized really bad! They just need to get married first. She is soooo prepared! We were talking at one point about the FLDS people and how we do not do polygamy and she said "YEA! It was Joseph and Mary! Not Joseph and Mary and Karen and..." LOL I jsut about died! lol.

June 11
We were teaching our wonderful investigator Bay and she said something about her Jesus Sandals and I was like "whaaaa?" and she explained that one day she was wearing gladiators that looked just like some that Christ was wearing in a picture. Then Sis Pugh was all "we look at the picture and say that they were the same! Speak of the Devil" then there was awkward silence when she realized she just said "speak of the Devil" when talking about Jesus. She was soooooooo embarrassed! lol
 but it was fine and we taught an awesome lesson and Bay decided to get BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Wednesday!!! SO THIS WEDNESDAY!!! BAHHH!!! MIRACLE!!!!! <3 She is sooooo ready and prepared!! :D
She loveeees to pray and read the scriptures!!!! She married a menanite guy and has a really interesting past. She has 2 adorable kids and we just love them!!! :D

After, we were on cloud 9 and went to go dinner, which was insane. It wasnt ready, kids were screaming everywhere the mom was in pain, so we ended up cooking dinner, which was fine, but halfway thru, me and Sis Pugh are alone in the kitchen, dont know were anyone went and were like "ummm....soooo....should we eat?" LOL then people reappeared and I spent a while comforting one of their daughters who was crying. It was sad, but nice to know that we could be there to comfort them and share a message <3
after that we went to go to our return appt from tracting, the guy wasnt there but his wife was,a nd she screamed at us and slammed the door. I almost cried, it was hard. Like its hard feeling rejected and like people hate you, but its also sooo sad to see people with such hard hearts. JUST LET US LOVE YOU!!!! LOL
But then we got to go to that one member family and help them thry some hard stuff. I spent most the time with the kids teaching them that they can pray by themselves everyday and about how we need to help each other. One of the daughters is autistic and I think, truly an Angel and huge blessing to ther Family. They are stuggling a lot financially and with the moms oldest kids being with their dad and lots of hard stuff, so the kids are acting out a lot, but that sweet girl is always a good example :D

June 12
we met with a young mother, she wants to keep meeting w/ us but her husband doesnt want her too, and she just crashed her car while high on shrooms then tried to hit and run and has to go to court. so its a sticky situation. Lots of people keep saying we should drop her, including my comp, but I just cant, she wants to change, she realized she messed up and is trying to be better, especially for her 3 yr old daughter. We just cant abandon them. The Gospel is a message of hope and progression! The Atonement heals and changes heart. Please pray for them <3

June 13
So since I've been in the field my sleeping has gone all sorts of whack. I like half walk up and lay in bed thinking I'm in a lesson pretty much every night. This particular night, I slept walk to Sis Pughs closest and tried to do an OYM (open your mouth/door contact) LOL she said I ended up walking in the closet and said "Do you think shes in here?" LOL AH SO WEIRD!!! then she said, and I kinda remember this, I went to my bed and said "I think I'm hallucinating" LOL ahhh. Thats how you know my mind is really on the work!
June 14
Zone meeting! It was awesome! I recieved a lot of answers and strength! Also, my District leader is named Elder Tubbs (LOL, makes me think of a fat kid running) and he looks like Adam Levine. Someone please tell Raquel, Nayannah & Cristina! But it was sooo great! It was reminded that I'm here for a purpose, and that I have a responsibility to the Lord for those in my area and that He knows His children best. We are taught to give a soft baptismal invitiation on the first lesson ("when you come to know these things will you...") and that scares me sooo much! They also want new missionaries to do it asap! and I was freaking out cuz I was supposed to do that later that day with our other return appt. I was freaking out!  But I was reminded that its an act of faith and we are blessed when we act in faith, adn that really if thats what Hes asked us to do, its for a purpose.
So we went for His lesson, his name is Philip. Super nice guy, hes catholic and a wildlife biologist and just really wants to be a good person. We went thru the first lesson and it was good, the spirit was there but I was still nervous and kept praying in my head, then, the moment of truth, I said it and he accepted!!!! WHAAAAA!!!!! :D It was amazing!!!!!! Even if he had said no tho, I know that it still would have been good, cuz God knows best :D

Yesterday, June 15
Church! Bay, Angela and Frank all came to church! YAY! Then Bay passed her baptismal interview and I jumped on her in excitement! lol and Sis Pugh accidently hit a kid with her watch! LOL she was fine haha
then after dinner qot 22 OYMs!!!! The average is 10! We set a goal for 15, all said no, until the 15th guy! Miracle! Also, it was raining, so that was cool. haha

All is well here in Richland! So many miracles!!! I love being a missionary! Feeling God use me as a tool to help His children is the best feeling ever! This is the most important work there is and I feel so blessed to be a part of it! To witness the miracles and how the Atonement changes people! Go out there and do your part! Smile, compliment people, try to do 5 small (or big) acts of service every day! I promise it will change and improve your life. Members, PLEASE fellowship people!! Its soooooo essential! Always introduce yourself to people, ask the missionaries how you can help them. I promise they need it. This is a team effort.
Everyone go read Mosiah 14:5. Everyone should know that and reap the blessings. Christ atoned for EVERYONE!. It is our job to help them know that.

until next week!

Sister Gresham

ps. everyone keeps asking what I want for my bday, well no one feel like they need to get me anytihng, but if your feeling generous, Church talks! and if your feeling another kind of generous, Walmart gift cards! ahh I'm almost 21!

Me and the Sisters in my Zone at Dennys. Sister Camplese (also a convert from CA!) Sister Pugh, my comp, yours truly, Sister Peatross, Sister Mullins (the one mitch knows) and Sister Toomer :D

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