California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Email from the MTC - June 3 2014

I'm here at the MTC and its GREAT! I love it! I ave sooo much to say and not enouhgt time! bahhh! So i kinda freaked out the night before but It all worked out! Getting dropped off wasnt too hard, seeing Britt made me cry even more! but happy tears! haha :D
getting my name tag on was such an amaaaazing feeling!!
My comps are Sister Allred & Sister Marcom! I love them!! Go stalk them on my fb! we become friends before we came here! lol when me and sis A saw each other we freaked out and hugged! haha.
Day 1 we had an orientation and we sang "Amry of Helaman" but sang "We are now the lords missionaries" and just sobbed! it was amazing! haha and one of the ladies who talked said how we cant call each other "guys" cuz "guys are the people at home dating your girlfriends!" LOL scanzieees! but then she said that they'll marry the return missionary tho! haha

Thank you stanfords and kingdons for the packages!! I loved them!!! <3
we did this on investigator exercie on the first day and they played this vid that had a swear word and all of us gasped awkwardly! lol
Everyone go watch the mormon message "Lifting Burdens" its soooo good <3
I love my teachers! Bro. Mills & Sis. Howell! She served w/ Becky Rohner at Temple Square & he knows all the Rohners and his sis was one of Beckys bridesmaids! haha small world! I LOVE THEM! and my other teacher Bro. Weekes looks like the guy in Forever strond and plays the new cop guy on PLL (ya know, the one hanna kissed) yeahh haha so thats weird.

on of the Elders in my district is mix of Paki Porter and Bro. Gustafson! haha like, for real!
On the 3rd day we did role playing lessons and the teacher said my and my comps did some of the best teaching hes ever seen in the MTC! umm whaaaa? haha it was nice but really, I know im not the real teacher, the spirit is, i just have to study, have faith, open my mouth and trust Him <3
Elder Cordon, in my district told me a story about an elder i chile who kept getting robbed so he made home made numchucks! hahaha
Also, I'm writing mormon versions to frozen songs, currently working on "Love is an open door" ya know, like the empty door...hehe and "we dont have to feel it anymore" Like the sting of death! haha...its still a work in process lol
we have this alarm thing that goes off to tell us lights out and it sounds like the noise in the Hunger Games when its yea, kinda weird. I kinda freak out everytime haha
on Sunday we had Relief Society and the spoken word and it was AMAZING!!! it was about sacrafice, focusing on our soldiers. I was feeling the spirit reeeally strong wheh they showed a pic of the pearl harbor memorial while play "God be with you til we meet again" and it made me think of my Grandpa Ray, and i was just sooo overwhelmed by the feeling that he and my grandma Deon love me and are happy with my choice to serve and spirit testified to my heart that I will indeed see them again <3 it was such a special moment. I am grateful for Christ ultimate sacrafice that made that possible <3
We also had  devotional that was awesome!!!
We sang "True to the faith" and i felt sooo overwhelmed by the feeling of love for my future children and that I want them to know that I do cherish this Gospel!! I know that Heavenly Father is refining me to be a better Wife and Mother some day <3 I love my kids already!! <3
on Tuesday we played vball for gym and i dominated, to everyones surprise hahaha it was awesome! THEN we had a devotional with....

i'm building anticipation.....

can you feel it??

ELDER NELSON!!! Yes, the apostle!!!!! BAH! it was amazing!! and we were 5th row center!! The moment he walked in the spirit became 20 times stronger and i just started to cry!! Then we sang "Called to serve" and it was so emotional, singing that song, with an Apostle of the Lord as a full-time missionary and representative of Jesus Christ and thye church was soooooo incredible and powerful <3
he taught sooo many amazing things that cant all fit but heres a few faves.
"repentance is conversion, and conversion is repentance"
"have character, dont be one"
and my fav "missionaries turn hurt to hope" <3<3<3<3

I cant believe ive been here a week! it feels sooo much longer but I LOVE IT!!! the spirit is sooo strong here and my testimony has like tripled since I've been here!! and i still have like 74 weeks to go! yay! I'm gonna be soo much cooler when I come home!! lol jk, kinda...haha

Me and Sis Allred realized something the other day...
"the spirit is so strong and drains us, thats why we need to eat...all the time"

I love it here sooooooooooooo much!!!!!
here are some of my fave scriptures right now, go read them!!
Alma 7:11-12
Jeremiah 31:3
2 Nephi 2:2
1 Nephi 1:15
Proverbs 31:9
I know that Christ lives and that he atoned for us! I know that he is carrying the burdens of homesickness and sadness for me and is helping me thru this. I can feel Him constant;y guiding me. I see miracles and tender mercies EVERY DAY! <3
The Book of Mormon is TRUE and WILL change your life if you read it with an open mind and a prayer in your heart. 
I am sooo grateful for this time that I have to be a fulll time missionary and wear His name over my my heart everyday <3
I leave for WA on tuesday!!!
I love you all!!! Be strong! Pray every day! It will change your life! Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you all! I KNOW it <3
and I love you too! Please send more handwritten/mailed letters <3
but remember i leave tuesday for WA haha

-Sister Gresham

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