California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sister Missionary Fashion Musts!

General Guidlines for Sisters :)

Great sites for Missionary appropriate clothes!

Follow LDS Fashion blogs for inspirtation!

I think a key to mission shopping is finding things that go with everything and maximizing ways to wear your accessories :) 

Learn how to tie scarves!!

Learn how to tie head scarves too!! Maximize you scaves!!

Wear It As A Bracelet: Use smaller/thinner scarves as bracelets!

Wear It As A Belt: By using a scarf belt, you can totally change the look of your outfit.

Wear It On Your Head:  This chic look is currently trending with fashionistas all over the globe.
How to tie a bunch of different head scarves:

Detachable Collars!! Why don't more people think about this?? It can totally change an outfit!

Reversible Skirts!!!
Seriously! Two skirts in one? YES PLEASE!!
Beware...some a hideous, but if you do some digging, you are sure to find some cute ones! :D

These sites has some cute ones!!

Learn to tie belts! :D


  1. haha this is great -- love the ways to tie belts! this entire post is unbelieveably helpful. i have some more websites to add to that list:

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