California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

VERY thorough Sister Missionary Packing List!! Updated!

This has been created by combing many packing lists I have found and adding some of my own:
Hope this helps!!


-Cardigans (black, gray, tan, cream, and 3-5 other colored/patterned)
- 2 blazers
-At least 3 undershirts/shade shirts
-10-12 blouses, at least 1 black, 1 white, 1 button up and 1 denim shirt
-8-10 skirts
-4 dresses
-4-5 pairs of underwear for… that time of the month
-3 white or neutral colored bras
- Exercise outfits - 2 pairs of knee length shorts, running pants
-1 pairs of jeans for P-Day and service projects
-3-4 t-shirts and pj bottoms (t-shirts double for excersize)
-10 pairs of garments
-3 pairs of spanx/spandex shorts
- shower sandals
- sunday shoes (2)
-proselyting shoes (3)

–FOR COLD MISSIONS– (send later)

-Winter coat: heavy with a zip-out liner for warmth
- 1 hoodie
-A raincoat
- A regular coat
- 4-5 sweaters and heavier cardigans
-Replace some of the skirts with wool and thick skirts that will repel snow and rain
- winter boots
-wool or thermal socks (5)
-2 pairs of fleece lined tights for the winter
- cold weather accessories: gloves, scarves, ear bands, hats


-Like 10 pairs of those low cut socks in neutral colors to wear with your walking shoes !!!)
- 5 pairs of regular socks!!
-6 pairs of tights (colored and black)
- 2 slips
-3-5 belts
- Tons of headbands (6-10)
-7-8 necklaces in all colors and styles
- 4 detatchable collars (think of how this can change up your shirts/outfits!)
-CTR ring!
-YW medallion of course!!
-a bunch of conservative earrings
-3 working watches
-3-4 bracelets
- traveling jewlery holder/case

(just pack enough shampoo and such for the MTC, you can buy more in the field and it will save space in your suitcase, which is reeaaaally important, trust me,)
-a small nail kit with clippers and files and cuticle trimmers
-clear nail polish and a few cute colors
- coconut oil (soooo many uses for this!)
-Q-tips in a baggie
-face wash/soap
-curling iron
-hairbrush and combs
-clips, hairties, bobby pins…
-show odor spray
-little roll up flat jewelry holder with lots of pockets
-makeup (foundation, powder, color pallete, eyeliner, mascara, brushes)
-a big makeup bag and a small makeup bag (big-leave home, small-bring with you for the day)
-MICROFIBER TOWELS AND WASHCLOTHS they are thin and light for packing but absorb better than normal towels (Deseret Book/Bed Bath and Beyond)
-small bottles of: Ibuprofen, Midol, Peptobismol,
- aloe vera
-cough drops


→2 suitcases. (No more than 62 dimensional inches. 50 lbs. max each.)
→A carry-on bag. (No more than 45 dimensional inches. Weight varies)
→A bag with lots of pockets that is sturdy enough for the whole 18 months.
→a small first aid kit
→a small sewing kit
→a laundry stick for stain emergencies!
→an address book for all your friends back home! Put email addresses and mailing addresses in there!
→A small camera, camera case, usb plug and a charger OR rechargeable batteries
→Two flash drives so you have backup copies of pictures in case your camera gets stolen (flash drive case)
→A lanyard for the MTC and to put your flashdrives and church keys on.
→a small gps? (maybe)
→a lint roller
→a wallet
→pens and pencils for study
- a water bottle
- workout book & recipe book
- resistance band
-ipod (you can use this or your mish phone for an alarm clock instead of bringing one)
-cds & case (can play them on dvd player in apt)


an umbrella
- stickers and sticky notes
rain boots/snowboots (lets face it you just don’t have room in your suitcases)
maybe even a cheap coat if you can’t fit it and don’t want to risk sending it
small speakers for your ipod
bedding if needed
hangers if needed


-a new scripture case with pockets
- scripture pencils
-a mini hymnal
-a mini preach my gospel
-a journal (Deseret Book has nice ones)
-a photo album of home to remember everyone and everything
-a pedigree chart 4 generations back
-a little notebook for remembering words and phrases, church/firesides
-another notebook for class notes and spiritual thoughts and scripture study
-an accordion file for letters, cards, talks, spiritual thoughts, pedigree chart and patriarchal blessing. One location for all of them.
- photo album for mish pics (pic a day papers)
-a file pocket organizer thing for important documents, like passport, birth certificate, ss card and visa info.


-a photo ID
-Travel information that is required (check your MYLDSMAIL account and your packet for details on what is required)
-temple recommend
-$200 or so for travel expenses, emergencies
-copy of your mission call letter
-health insurance
-immunizations sheet


  1. Thanks for posting this, very useful as I pack for my mission in Japan! :)

  2. I've been looking all over for something like this! Thank you! I'm going to Kennewick Washington, Spanish speaking too. :) see you out there!

  3. Did this end up working for your mission? What do you wish you had changed from whats on here?