California to Kennewick.

California to Kennewick.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sister Gresham in Richland. April 13 2015

Hi world!
How are you all?! I'm great the work is mooooving! Miracles are abounding!!
Heres the lowdown on who we are (primarily) teaching
June, Shout and Jade.
They are a poly family and we love them to pieces!!!!
June and shout are married and jade is their 6 year old daughter. June was a referral from a friend in hermiston OR. We started teaching her my second day here and she brought her whole fam to church and they loved it. Then they came to conference and loved it too!  We had our first lesson with shout on monday. We decided to put them on date (invite them to be baptized on a specific day) we decided onmay 2. But when asking God if that was right I felt like it should be April 25. So, Sis F said it was all me. ah. lol The spirit was soooo strong and I invited them and they accepted! It was sooo cool. Shout, who was being taught for the first time but had been reading with his wife kept saying how he felt that he was told the Book of Mormon is true and that the Prophet and Apostles are really that! and It was AMAZING!!!! After inviting them to be baptized they said that the 26th (when they'll get confirmed/the Holy Ghost) is their anniversary! We taught them about Eternal Families and how they could get sealed for time and all eternity a year from then and their eyes lit up!! I love them soooooooooooooo much! Whenever I see them I automatically see them in the Temple <3 Also. Their daughter is the cutest thing ever. Shout keeps saying he wants her to go to BYU and be missionaries like us so she can help people too <3 feeeeeels!
She also gave me this <3
Inline image 2

J is a recent convert and is super awesome but struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Please pray for her.
M is a ysa who we recently put on date. Hes quit smoking to be baptized and got to go to the Priesthood session of conference in SLC with a Recent Convert, Rowdy, who is preparing to leave for his mission to Virginia next month :D He really enjoyed it! We had a cool lesson with him where we read with him from The BOM and taught law of Chastity with an emphasis on how it helps us have strong eternal families. It was super powerful. I seriously saw the spirit testify to his heart and see him just get it. He is also getting baptized on the 25th.

Awkward moment of the week...
We had two missionaries return to our family ward.
We were talking to the young man about going to lessons with us and a leader in the ward came up to us and jokingly chastised him for flirting with the missionaries then put his arm around me and kept talking about how awesome I am but that I'm not on the market...but then really I am cuz I can always leave the mission to get married -_- sooooo awkward.  shenanigans.
ummm...what else...?idk i always forget once im here
but things are great! I love being a missionary! I'll write more with my pic emails

Love you all bunches!!
Go read the Book of Mormon!
  Sister Gresham <3

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